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Hair and scalp problems

What is Trichology

The study of hair and the scalp

Trichology is a branch of medicine that deals specifically with the study of hair and the scalp. Qualified practitioners possess an extensive knowledge of the functioning of human hair and the scalp, and the concerns relating to the diseases and disorders it can be affected by.

Hair is a "Barometer of Our Health"

Our hair is of psychological importance to us and is often a barometer of our health; any form of hair loss or scalp disorder may leave us feeling extremely self-conscious and embarrassed. Trichologists help to diagnose, offer advice or treat hair and scalp problems, including some forms of alopecia or scaly, dry or greasy scalps. When necessary it may be appropriate to liaise with a client’s GP for medication, refer them to a dermatologist or advise a blood test when an underlying medical problem is suspected.

What is Hair?

Hair is an appendage of the skin, consisting of a fibrous material known as keratin, a protein-derived substance that is actually dead when exposed through the scalp’s surface. An average human scalp consists of approximately 100,000 to 150,000 embryological determined hair follicles and it is our genetics that determine how long each single strand will grow for.

The time span for an average single strand is roughly two to seven years, and each hair will grow around 30 times per lifetime. Hair goes through a natural cycle, with the anagen phase being the longest, actively growing stage. It is followed by the relatively short transitional catagen period, which leads to the final telogen phase, a stage of the cycle where hair naturally falls out and can be seen in the shower or on our hairbrushes or combs.

We Understand Your Hair Problems

Trichologists possess a comprehensive knowledge of this hair growth cycle due to hair loss conditions may alter the ratios levels of the hair cycle. Medication, surgery, diet, illness, pregnancy, stress and hormone problems are all but a few factors detrimental to the normal functioning of the hair growth cycle.

A trichologist is a good listener; we ensure confidentiality and offer support to patients. We may determine underlying medical conditions from a hair or scalp disorder through a combination of our extensive knowledge and by conducting a thorough consultation incorporating a full medical history.

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