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Psoriasis At some point in our lives, everyone has, or will, suffer with a dry scalp problem. Dry, flaky, itchy scalps can be embarrassing, particularly when the hair is dark, as loose flakes sit on our clothes or shoulders. Scalp problems can be down to poor health, a low immune system, an unbalanced diet, reaction to hair products, habitual scratching, hormonal changes or even hereditary factors.

Many forms of scalp disorder such as painful spots, general itchy scalps, contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff or greasy scalps can be relieved or rectified at the clinic.

An in-depth consultation is conducted to find the actual correct diagnosis and any potential factors which are prolonging and exacerbating conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

There are no magic cures for psoriasis and eczemas but the conditions are thoroughly explained and what you can use to relieve them. We mix preparations to gently dermabraid the scales off which is unique to trichology; we do not use steroid-based ointments which can thin the skin over time, particularly important due to the ongoing upkeep and maintenance to keep these conditions at bay.

Diagnosing dry scalp problemWe can mix personal tailor-made shampoos, conditioners, keratolytic de-scaling ointments and soothing lotions or creams, and have them posted out to your home address for your convenience (initial consultation required).

These are affordable and cost between £10 and £25.

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